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Updated: Sep 27, 2019

Tiny apartment closet revamped with tons of storage!

I've always loved closets that are like tiny rooms filled with art, cute figurines, fabulous bags and shoes! Containing all the things I enjoy most that aren't featured in other areas of my apartment. Kind of like a private space just for me to enjoy and put together my ensemble for the day.

When my closet is a mess I cannot function and usually end up wearing the same thing over and over. After I finally got ahold of what used to be a hot mess, the creative juices started flowing and dressing became something so much more enjoyable. I could actually see what I owned for heaven's sake!

I didn't want to break the bank during this revamp, yet I wanted something that was custom to my wants and needs. Below is a break down of those items and where you can get it. Once you're finished, all that's needed are your personal items to make your space unique and fun!



Lately I've accumulated a collection of fantastic hats. One thing I found annoying was always needing to lint roll them before I headed out. Also, keeping them on a flat surface so they wouldn't lose their shape took up all my closet surface area. I stumbled upon these beauties from iDesign. What a fantastic way to accommodate my needs while displaying these beauties!

What I love about these hat boxes:

1. I get to see the hats I love so much.

2. They are stackable, so I get my surface space back.

3. My hats are protected.

4. They come in 3 sizes.



I've always had an issue with having enough space for my shoes. They usually end up on the floor of my closet and I never see half of what I own. Most shoe storage options are not aesthetically pleasing. Also, I needed something that was at a level where I could see what I have. I found the perfect solution with these mDesign hinged clear shoe boxes.

What I love about these shoe boxes:

1. They are clear so no taking photos and pasting on the front of a shoe box... you can already see what you have.

2. They are hinged so no keeping up with lids.

3. They stack easily, fitting together like a puzzle.

4. What a cool way to display all of my fabulous shoes!



Having something that looks like a custom build was top on my list. I found these stackable wood bins at Target that did the trick! They are perfect for displaying handbags and have plenty of storage for folded jeans.

What I love about these stackable bins:

1. They are made of wood so they look like a custom build.

2. They are perfect for handbags and folded clothes.

3. They are the perfect size to line the back of my closet.

4. They remind me of fixtures while shopping at my favorite stores.



There are always items that need to remain in my closet. They are often unsightly or just not interesting to view. These are the items that make a space look cluttered and frankly, like I own a bunch of junk. The best solution to hide this and add a pop of color was to get several fabric bins to line the top of my closet (it's flanked with shelving on both sides). I chose EZOWare fabric bins and have never been happier!

What I love about these bins:

1. They are the perfect color of blush that is on trend and oh so girly!

2. They are perfect for anything you'd like to hide. Great for keeping your space looking clean and organized. Say goodbye to clutter!

3. They are foldable if you don't have space for all six.


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